Friday, August 17, 2012

Well, It's August

I'm back for a while and I have a few things to discuss.

I'll start with this: Game Show Garbage (which, in my mind, is one of the funniest sites on the Internet) has announced the nominees for its annual Patrick Wayne Award for the worst game show moment of the year. I'll discuss this in more detail when the "winner" is announced in September, but for now, here are the nominees:
  • The revival of The Price Is Right in Australia
  • You Deserve It
  • Billy On The Street
  • Who's Still Standing
  • Red Or Black
Now, forgive me for quoting a message board, but on July 6, I posted the following on the official Game Show Garbage message board:

One quick question: when are the nominees for the Patrick Wayne Award finalized? If something even worse then Who's Still Standing premieres in August, could it still be in the running for Game Show Garbage's main event? 

I realize that "worse then Who's Still Standing" is a tough order, but I wouldn't put it past Oh Sit (August 15) or American Bible Challenge (August 23)...

Game Show Garbage creator Robert Seidelman posted the following reply the next day:

The rules are that it has to have aired between August 2011 and July 2012. So American Bible Challenge and Oh Sit are out, but they can be contenders for next year.

That should give you a good idea of my expectations of Oh Sit, which I just watched the premiere of. The premise of Oh Sit is best summed up by the show's working title..."XMC: Extreme Musical Chairs". 

Yeah...Extreme Musical Chairs. 

I came into Oh Sit fully expecting to start thinking about the 2013 Patrick Wayne Award. There was no way Extreme Musical Chairs could possibly be good. 

I was wrong. That's not to say Oh Sit was a good show - it wasn't. It just wasn't a bad show either. It's a show I can't figure out how to review.

I could give a lengthy explanation of the show's rules and scoring system, but I'm not going to. What would the point be? A vaguely Wipeout-esqe obstacle course is set up in a circle around a bunch of chairs, a live band provides the music, and the scoring system is so complex I can just barely remember it . Honestly, the biggest reaction I had to the premiere of Oh Sit is that it was too violent. Most of the show seemed to consist of the contestants shoving each other, to the point that one contestant quit minutes into the show due to exhaustion, another severely twisted his ankle, and a third was disqualified for "unsportsmanlike conduct". 

I realize this sounds completely hypcritical - I gave a passing grade to 101 Ways To Leave A Game Show, and that show featured losing contestants getting thrown off speeding trucks - but the best description I can give of Oh Sit is "full-contact musical chairs", and the best reivew I can give of Oh Sit is "What's supposed to be fun to watch about full-contact musical chairs?" I could state that the hosts are awful - which they are - but somehow it feels wrong to judge "full-contact musical chairs" by its hosts.

So I can't figure out how to reivew Oh Sit. I'm sorry.

I'll come back soon with the Fall 2012 season start dates. 


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