Friday, August 31, 2012

It Wasn't

OK, the new Game Show Network version of Pyramid…

…no wait, it’s not Pyramid, it’s The Pyramid. The name of the show is “The Pyramid”. Right, I understand the need to take the money amount out of the title – how many times can you change it? – but The Pyramid? Clunkly, no? What, are you trying to differentiate yourself from the Donny Osmond – fronted version?

What sounds to me like a heavily sped-up version of the classic theme music welcomes the infamous Mike Richards and the usual two celebrity guests. I am absolutely not explaining Pyramid from the ground up; suffice to say that each team starts out with $10,000 in their bank. Every time you get all seven words in thirty seconds (and yes, it is back to seven words in thirty seconds, not six words in twenty seconds), you get an instant $500 bonus and an additional $5,000 in your bank, meaning if you play a perfect game, you’ll have $1,500 right off the bat and will play the Winner’s Circle for $25,000. The contestants switch partners in the second game, and, well, there you have it. It’s Pyramid. Sorry, it’s The Pyramid.

Look, I can see all the complaints coming. The set is too shiny. The clock music is too loud. Mike Richards…exists. He is not spectacular, I will grant you that, but I’d take him over Drew Carey (which is all I am going to say about this topic, at least for now).

Is this Dick Clark’s version? Of course not…but would you really rather have another generic Who Wants To Be A Millionaire clone hosted by another washed-up comedian? Game Show Network recently announced that their next original series will be Family Trade, a reality show about a car dealership that isn’t a game show by any stretch of the imagination. Take Pyramid – sorry, The Pyramid – while you can get it. This is a nice revival, and I’m starting to get the feeling it will be the last straightforward, traditional game show Game Show Network produces.

I really hope this is my last post in August.


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