Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Incredibly Massive News!

Yeah, I came up with some more stuff I need to mention before we reach September. Let's see...
  • Game Show Network has moved the premiere of its new version of Pyramid a little earlier, by which I mean tomorrow (August 30) instead of Labor Day (September 3). Wow. Considering that I'm leaving on August 31 for a few days out of town, I hope I have time to write a review. I was kind of banking on the fact that nothing would happen until Labor Day.
  • An almost completely reformatted new season of Family Game Night begins on The Hub on September 23 - I'll probably check it out.
  • Remember Fort Boyard: Ultimate Challenge? A new season has been taped, with the show expanding to an hour (from half an hour) and new host Andy Akinwolere (replacing Geno Segers). Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, it may not matter, as it doesn't look like said season will be broadcast on Disney XD in the US. Bummer. I'm holding out hope that some other US channel will pick it up, but given that Disney-owned channels in many other countries are running this show, it's a highly unlikely proposition.
  • Finally, I can't believe I didn't mention this sooner - The Price Is Right male model search! As far as I can tell, here's how it works: an open casting call for male models will be held in Los Angeles tomorrow (August 30), and the ones the producers like will advance to a five-episode online reality-competition show on On September 28, the finalists of said reality-competition show will be revealed on The Price Is Right, and viewers will have until October 4 to vote for the winner, who will be revealed on The Price Is Right on October 15 and stick around for a week. This I HAVE to see.
  • RIP Bill Rafferty. There isn't a whole lot more I can say.

...exhale. I really hope this is my last post in August.


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