Monday, November 4, 2013

You Know, I Seriously Doubt Japanese TV Is Really Like This


Remember the old ABC show I Survived A Japanese Game Show? I seriously doubt anyone does. Still, it is the latest post-Who Wants To Be A Millionaire primetime show to gain a scaled down five-day-a-week version, now with one of the worst titles any television show has ever had: Japanizi Going Going Gong.

Japanizi Going Going Gong.

Mind you, the show is not the least bit Japanese; it's taped in Toronto for use on YTV in Canada and Disney XD in America.

Seriously, the name of the show is Japanizi Going Going Gong, and they always say the full title.

So yeah, we have our four teams of two kids who supposedly have no idea what kind of television show they will be participating in until they take off their blindfolds and see the faux-Japanese set. Our host is Yoshi Amao, who probably speaks perfect English but here is dressed like a stereotypical career game show host and speaks in a combination of broken English and probably just as broken Japanese.

Our teams compete in three stunts per episode. At the end of each of the first two stunts, the team that scores the lowest is eliminated, and at the end of the show the team that wins the final stunt holds up a goofy-looking trophy. The stunts are actually pretty creative and cool, and the set is suitably large and impressive, but the show goes way overboard with the faux-Japanese theming - assistants dressed like ninjas, vaguely Asian-looking characters flashing on the screen at different points, exactly the music you'd expect from a show titled Japanizi Going Going Gong...

So yeah, it's no better or worse then, say, Splatalot.

Too critical? Absolutely. I'm not this show's target audience anyway.


Friday, November 1, 2013

I Don't Really Know If I Believe A Word Of It...

...but the current piece of news is that a new five-day-a-week syndicated show will premiere in September 2014: Celebrity Name Game, with host Craig Ferguson. Admittedly, the fact that a host is already attached means this one could actually happen, but still, new shows are announced all the time that end up never happening. There's a reason I never brought up the revival of Name That Tune...or the revival of Treasure Hunt...or the revival of Truth Or Consequences...or the American version of Bullseye (a British game show that has nothing to do with the show Jim Lange hosted)...

Moving to shows that are already on five days a week, The Price Is Right will be doing a week-long celebration of Bob Barker's ninetieth birthday from December 9-13, with Bob showing up at least once in the five shows. Should be worth a look.

Next week: Japanizi!


Friday, October 25, 2013

Trust Me...I'm Trying Again

Something like three years after first being discussed, Trust Me I'm A Game Show Host has finally premiered...and wasn't really worth the wait.

Where to begin?

The eponymous game show hosts are Michael Ian Black and DL Hughley, which I suppose makes as much sense as anything else (lest we forget, one of the unaired pilots featured Bill Engvall and Mo Rocca). There is a single contestant, who walks onto a set that is brightly lit, but is otherwise your basic 2013 game show set with all the chasing lights and what-have-you. At least there isn't your basic 2013 game show music...instead, there's a voice repeating the show's title over and over.

In each round, a category is revealed, followed by Michael and DL each stating a fact in that category - one is true, one is false. The two banter back and forth for a while, citing evidence to back up their facts and making lame jokes. The contestant then locks in his\her decision, and the correct answer is revealed via your basic 2013 "dramatic game show reveal". If correct, the amount of money the round is worth is added to the contestant's...wait for it...Trust Fund.

You know, ITV just announced the cancellation of the British version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire after fifteen years. Surely that means it's time to move on?

Round one is worth $1,000, round two $2,000, round three $3,000, and so on for five rounds. In the final sixth round, one more category is revealed, followed by five facts in that category - one is true, four are false. The contestant can remove one wrong answer for the price of $1,000 out of his\her Trust Fund, a second wrong answer for an additional $2,000, and a third wrong answer for an additional $3,000. When you finally lock in your answer, getting it right adds an additional $20,000 to your Trust Fund. The end.

Now, I will give the producers credit for one thing: the show is a half hour long. Go ahead and try to imagine the game described above, with a grand total of six categories, being played over an hour...on second thought, don't. As it stands, the show is enjoyable enough, but can we be honest? It won't stick. They never do. After eight episodes or whatever, trust me, nobody's really going to miss Trust Me I'm A Game Show Host.

Too critical? Absolutely. That's what I do. Trust Me...I'm A Game Show Fanatic.


Thursday, September 5, 2013


Do I honestly have to type this?

Cedric The Entertainer is...well, I guess he's better on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire then he was on It's Worth What, but he certainly isn't good.

The show itself is...well, the suspense is gone. It's reached the point where I shout "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" at the TV any time a contestant uses Ask The Audience, because if you have to do that in Round One, you're not going to reach Round Two. You'll end up with about $60,000. They all do.

Like I said last week, why do I still look forward to the Fall Rush? I'm admittedly not sure what I'm going to write about next week (maybe The Million Second Quiz?) but two weeks from today it will be "I really hate Steve Harvey, and Wheel Of Fortune and Jeopardy haven't changed in the least."



Thursday, August 29, 2013

There's Absolutely Nothing To Write About

At least Monday's Labor Day...


Thursday, August 22, 2013

It's Kind Of Sad

Every year I look forward to Labor Day and the Fall Rush, and every year, I end up really, really disappointed. The fact is, I already know what I'm going to say about all six shows, because I say it every year.

Let's imagine that the start dates I posted last week are indeed correct (and while I'm not 100% sure, I'm mostly banking on the fact that they are). I will now give you, in brief, what I am most likely going to end up saying each week during the "Fall Rush". We'll see how much of it is correct.

September 5 (Thursday After Labor Day)
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: Cedric The Entertainer is the most horrific game show host...well, probably ever, and it is incredibly sad that he is who we are getting to host what is supposed to be a hard quiz show.

September 19 (Thursday After September 16)
Wheel Of Fortune: Of course nothing's changed. It's Wheel Of Fortune. The only way something will change is if Pat Sajak retires, and who knows if that will happen.

Jeopardy: Of course nothing's changed. It's Jeopardy. The only way something will change is if Alex Trebek retires, and who knows if that will happen.

Family Feud: Nothing has changed - including that fact Steve Harvey is, in my book, utterly obnoxious. Sigh.

September 26 (Thursday After September 23)
The Price Is Right: Nothing has changed, including the fact that this show needs a rest. It was past its prime long before Bob Barker retired, Drew Carey has failed to reinvigorate it, and now it's time to stop.

Let's Make A Deal: Nothing has changed, which is a very good thing as this is easily the best game show on television right now.

So there you go. We'll see how much of that stays the same. The sad fact is, I'm looking forward to some upcoming  kids game shows (Win Lose Or Draw on Disney Channel, Japanizi on Disney XD, and Junior Just A Minute on BBC Radio 4 Extra) a lot more then I'm looking forward to any of the above.

I don't know when those kids game shows will premiere. Sorry.


Thursday, August 15, 2013

I Really Hope This Is Right

I'm only going to post one thing today: what I believe to be the season start dates for September 2013. Emphasis on "believe". I could easily be wrong.

September 2: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

September 16: Wheel Of Fortune
Family Feud

September 23: The Price Is Right
Let's Make A Deal

Like I said, I really hope I'm right.