Thursday, May 26, 2011

Let's Go Back To November 2, 2012...

Figures - I wrote that post on May 5 about the thirtieth anniversary of Countdown, and yesterday it came out that the show's current host, Jeff Stelling, will be leaving at the end of 2011.

I guess I should have seen this coming - since legendary original host Richard Whiteley died in 2005, the show has essentially collapsed under a succession of short-lived hosts. I suppose a comparison could be made to the current version of Family Feud - except that show is doing better at holding on to a host! Channel 4, if you just can't keep the cast steady, maybe it's just time to cancel the show. I feel terrible saying that - I am, after all, the one who three weeks ago was talking about much I was looking forward to the possibility of an Ashes Series between Countdown and Letters And Numbers in 2013 - but it has to be said. Of course, Channel 4 isn't going to actually cancel the show, and I frankly have no idea who will replace Jeff. Still, I'll keep you posted.

Coming back to America - NBC has announced that its upcoming game show Who's Still Standing? will be hosted by Ben Bailey off Cash Cab. The gimmick of this show - it's a big money quiz game where if you lose, the floor opens up underneath you and you fall off the stage. Yeah, never heard that one before.

Finally - I'm going off-topic again and I know it, but Cheryl Cole has been dropped as a judge on the upcoming The X Factor, with Nicole Scherzinger to replace her. I have to say, this show will have to work pretty hard to produce as much suspense about its winner as it did about its judging panel!

Next week - Platinum Hit! Yeah, it's not a game show, but I keep reporting on The X Factor so why not.


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