Thursday, August 1, 2013

Trying Again

I have this pipe dream that I'll get back to regular postings here...

The big news: the Game Show Network version of The Chase premieres on August 6 (five days from today), hosted by...gulp...Brooke Burns. Who knows, maybe they won't screw this one up - though as I've said before, it will be declared the best new game show in years even if they do.

Moving on from that, how about some kids game show news?
  • The legendary British kids game show Knightmare is soon going to have a new episode exclusively on YouTube. This isn't a fan project, mind you: it's officially licensed, professionally produced, and features the return of Hugo Myatt as Treguard the dungeon master. Now, the problem with any reiteration of Knightmare, as more then one person has pointed out, as that it's really easy to fall into the trap of making lots of little nods to the show's past and thus rendering it impossible to take it seriously as a game show. Well, that and the fact that one episode means no rollover and thus no suspense - if there's five minutes left in the show and the team is on Level Two, you immediately realize they're not getting any further. Still, who knows, maybe they'll get this right - it will supposedly be up on YouTube by August 10 at the latest.
  • Remember I Survived A Japanese Game Show on ABC? Yeah, I never watched it either, and by all accounts it was more reality-competition show then game show - but it is nonetheless being reformatted into a five-day-a-week kids game show on Disney XD, set to premiere later in the year. 
  • Finally, I love British radio comedy panel game shows, but this is ridiculous - the BBC has announced that 2014 will see the premiere of Junior Just A Minute as a segment on The Four O'Clock Show (the kids show on BBC Radio 4 Extra - it's hosted by Mel Giedroyc, but the Just A Minute segment will of course feature Nicholas Parsons). The idea is apparently to team kids up with adult comedians - Jenny Eclair and Josie Lawrence have been mentioned as team captains.
  • Moving away from kids game show, the third 24 Hour Game Show Marathon will apparently be on August 31. Really - here's the link. Go donate, OK? They've made less then $100 so far. 
The Chase next week...assuming I actually post next week.


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