Thursday, March 15, 2012

TONS Of Radio News

Deep breath...

  • BBC Radio 4's Just A Minute has taped two episodes in Mumbai, the first of which will air on March 19. On April 2, the station will broadcast Just A Minute's Indian Adventure, a documentary about the supposed large following the show has in India. 
  • Sticking with Just A Minute, BBC2's attempt at a TV version premieres March 26. After BBC America's take on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me amounted to "point a camera at a taping of the radio show",  I'm honestly doubting this will be any different, but we'll see.
  • I don't usually pay much attention to Australia here, but this jumped out at me - a version of BBC Radio 4's The Unbelievable Truth is being produced for Australian television on Network Seven. The host is Craig Reucassel. There's no word on when it will premiere.
  • In what seems to me to be an incredibly bizarre move, the BBC is attempting to produce an American version of its long-running topical comedy panel game show The News Quiz. The pilot will be taped in New York and broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on March 22 (yes, the supposed American pilot is being broadcast on British radio). The host is Lewis Black. The whole thing is apparently being done with NPR in mind, but wouldn't any show called "The News Quiz" on public radio in America just be dismissed as a Wait Wait Don't Tell Me clone?
  • Speaking of Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, the spin-off podcast How To Do Everything (hosted by Ian Chillag and Mike Danforth) is holding a March Madness bracket pool on CBS Sports's website. I clicked the link just to see, and in doing so accidentally signed up to play. I ended up just clicking the "automatically generate bracket" button. I'll give you an occasional update, but given that my Fantasy Survivor and Fantasy Amazing Race teams have half the score of the leaders at best, I somehow doubt I'll be any better at Fantasy College Basketball. In the incredibly unlikely event that my automatically generated bracket is the best on, I'll win a trip to Atlanta, Georgia to see the 2013 March Madness Championship game. 
  • Finally, WSIN (the radio station at Southern Connecticut State University) is holding a 24 Hour Game Show Marathon to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Beginning April 27 at 3PM Eastern Time, the station will attempt to stage twenty-four famous game shows in twenty-four hours. I'm not posting the full list of shows, but I'm certainly going to donate and tune in for as long as possible. 
...exhale. I'll review Just A Minute from Mumbai and The News Quiz from New York next week.


UPDATE: Here's the trailer for WSIN's 24 Hour Game Show Marathon, in which twenty-three of the twenty-four shows that will be used are represented. The show that isn't represented, for whatever reason, is The Big Showdown.

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