Thursday, March 8, 2012

So If You Want To Guess What Show's Been Revived, Cover Your Ears And Close Your Eyes...

...come on, remember that? REMEMBER THAT?

Yes, Nickelodeon is reviving Figure It Out, one of the last game shows of their 1990s era. As I am an avowed 90s kid, this is one of the last kids game shows I consider myself to have grown up watching (probably the last: Double Dare 2000. Read the title. Like I said, avowed 90s kid).

It's good news in my book. This is a show I liked a lot as a kid. Unfortunately, this is also the problem. No matter what game show you revive, you are going to get a million people saying "It's not as good as the original!", but it only gets worse when you revive a kids game show that people supposedly grew up watching. In fact, I'm guessing the complaints are already starting, as they've already announced the host: Jeff Sutphen.

Cue the screams. Cue a million game show nuts and another million 90s Nickelodeon fans shouting "WHAT! ARE YOU MAD! BRING BACK SUMMER SANDERS!" Summer did a great job, and I'm certainly hoping to see her back as a panelist or something, but if you were seriously expecting her back as host, you were deluding yourself. This does not mean, however, that Nickelodeon should have gone with the guy they've had under contract for years (and not just for Brain Surge - he was Pickboy). Good for Jeff to be willing to do another kids game show (or perhaps not since...well, I'll explain at the end), but couldn't we have some variety here? Jeff is admittedly not the first person to host two Nickelodeon game shows, but  even the famously awful Phil Moore (who did both Nick Arcade and You're On) didn't do two in a row!

Still, I'll look forward to this, and try to reserve judgment until after I've seen it. I will also leave you with one final thought:

"ABC has pushed back the premiere of 101 Ways To Leave A Game Show from June 16 to June 21. Frankly, this sounds to me like it should be a kids game show, a fact not helped by the casting of Jeff Sutphen off Brain Surge as host. Of course, if you were capable of going back in time, you could easily scare me out of my wits by telling me what would become of Jeff Probst off Rock And Roll Jeopardy...or Chris Harrison off Mall Masters...or Ryan Seacrest off Click...or Tom Bergeron off Hollywood who knows, maybe this is Jeff Sutphen's big break. " - From my post on May 19, 2011

Pretty wrong there, wasn't I? Come on Jeff, even Nickelodeon's own Mike O'Malley is on Glee now. 


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