Thursday, November 3, 2011

Remember The Review I Am Tired Of Writing?

Well, I'm probably going to have to write it a few more times, because premiere dates have come out for some new primetime game shows.
  • On November 21, ABC will premiere You Deserve It, a show built around the idea that all the money won by each contestant will go to another person that contestant thinks is in need (oh good, a sobfest!) The host is Chris Harrison off The Bachelor.
  • On December 19, NBC will premiere Who's Still Standing?, which is built around the idea that if you lose the game, you fall through a trapdoor in the floor (yeah, never heard that one). The host is Ben Bailey off Cash Cab. 
  • Coming to the History Channel on November 25: Real Deal, a game show that apparently applies Deal Or No Deal-like game mechanics (all the way down to the phrases "Deal" and "No Deal") to an appraisal show in the vein of Antiques Roadshow. Huh.
Moving away from primetime, here's a few news briefs:
  • Veteran British broadcaster Jimmy Savile, who did host at least one game show, has died at age 84. He's apparently a big deal in the UK, though I know next to nothing about him.
  • One of the longest serving game show hosts in the world has finally retired - Mac MacGarry, who spent fifty years as host of It's Academic, a local high school quiz bowl show in Washington DC. Hillary Howard will replace him.
  • BBC Radio 4's Just A Minute will celebrate its 45th anniversary in 2012 in two...interesting...ways. First, several episodes will be taped in India (apparently the show has a huge following there). Second, there will be an attempt (and it's not the first attempt) at a TV version on BBC2. Both will apparently air in early 2012.
  • Finally, what's really good news in my book: the BBC Radio 4 Monday afternoon game show slot has survived the station's November shuffling of its schedule. Beginning November 7, such long-running shows as Brain Of Britain, Counterpoint, Round Britain Quiz, and Quote Unquote will be heard at 3PM GMT (as opposed to 1:30PM GMT). The slot is also now available as a podcast.
Enough for now. If you're wondering about a certain other British game show, the current word is that Jeff Stelling is indeed leaving Countdown, but I don't have the slightest idea who the new host will be.


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