Thursday, November 10, 2011

Do It Again Rockapella?

There's no actual game show news this week, but here's something vaguely game show related: a group led by Jennifer Lopez has bought the rights to make a movie based on the long-dormant Carmen Sandiego property, with Jennifer possibly playing Carmen herself.

Good news? Maybe. If\when said movie comes out, I'll certainly go see it. Of course, as the earliest this movie could come out would likely be 2014, I'd look pretty silly sitting in the theater at age twenty-five...but I wouldn't be there for the movie anyway. I'd be there to support the game show, which is likely the one kids game show I remember best from my childhood. This is despite the fact that when I actually watch the show on YouTube or something, it's not nearly as good as I remember. Somehow, I can't shake my nostalgia for this show.

I want this show revived. If the revival is good, then great; if the revival is bad, at least then it's out of my system. Mill Creek Entertainment is releasing a complete series DVD set of Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego? (which was the cartoon, not the game show) on February 14, 2012, and that's the reason I'm going to buy it. That's the reason that, if\when this movie is released, I will go see it. It will probably be a terrible Spy Kids clone, but that's likely what I deserve for begging for this show to come back.

I'll review BBC Radio 4's new game show Dilemma (which premieres November 13) next week.


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