Thursday, October 6, 2011

This Had Better Be Good

Well, turns out the Fall rush isn't quite over, as we finally have premiere dates for two shows I've been waiting for for a long time. I really, really hope they live up to my expectations.

Fort Boyard
"Finally...this may be just a rumor, but it appears that iconic (in Europe) stunt show Fort Boyard (which is famously taped on an actual 1800s fort on the coast of France) may be coming to America as a kids game show. Well, who knows, maybe this will prove that American kids can handle bizarre European game shows, and we'll finally get an American version of The Slammer...yeah, not going to happen. I would love to know what American kids channel thinks this is a good idea." - From my post on May 13, 2011.

Disney XD, as it turns out - Fort Boyard: Ultimate Challenge (yes, that's the title) premieres on October 17. The hosts are Laura Hamilton and Geno Segers. I can only hope that it is good and clicks with American kids. At least it is on in primetime and thus has a chance at succeeding, unlike...

Million Dollar Mind Game
"Now this has the potential to be amazing, and to genuinely change American game shows. It's an adaptation of the long-running Russian game show What? Where? When?, a show that - in Russia - has no prizes and contestants who take it so seriously that they form the equivalent of chess clubs to play it...much like, dare I say it, Countdown in Britain. Of course, the American producers are promoting huge prizes, as well as Vernon Kay (a man best known for hosting British talent shows) as the host. Still, if this works, it could lead to some genuinely intelligent and tough American game shows; if it doesn't, at least we can't say the Americans didn't take a risk." - From my post on May 20, 2010.

Yeah, that's right - May 20, 2010, and that was months after the show was announced. It's hard to find a more delayed game show than this, but it is finally going to premiere on ABC on October the afternoon. They didn't take a risk; they burned it off against Sunday afternoon football. I'll be watching. I'll likely be the only one.

I'll review On The Spot next week.


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