Thursday, October 13, 2011

My DVR Didn't Record The Whole Show

Said show is On The Spot, however, so there isn't really much to review.

Eric Schwartz, who I'm honestly guessing is a lot better than this format, wanders around public places asking people basic trivia questions. We hear his voiceover asking "Who is on the $20 bill?" and then cut to a bunch of different people giving different answers. The same people keep reappearing throughout the show too. Once the correct answer is revealed, we get the "edutainment" element - Andrew Jackson is on the $20 bill, he was the seventh President Of The United States, he was nicknamed Old Hickory, etc. There appears to be little more to it than this. Assuming Eric doesn't hand over cash at the end of the show, there is no attempt at prizes or scoring of any kind.

It's dumb, of course, but let's not delude ourselves. This is a kids show, in once-a-week syndication, designed for local stations to run when they have absolutely nothing else to show. Nobody, anywhere, will ever watch this - certainly not more than once.

I could use this as an opportunity to launch into a long discussion of the fact that kids TV outside dedicated kids cable channels is more or less a thing of the past. Instead, I will limit myself to one pro and one con.

Pro: As I've mentioned a few times, MGM Domestic Television actually syndicated reruns of Gladiators 2000 in 2008. Can you imagine how confused any kid who saw that must have been?

Con: On the other hand, one of my major guilty pleasures is Power Rangers and similar kids action shows. One of the best shows of this ilk ever produced, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, premiered in 2008...on CW Saturday mornings. Naturally, it quietly disappeared a year later. I still fully it would have caught on had it been on a channel kids actually watch.

I'll review Fort Boyard: Ultimate Challenge - which thankfully is on a dedicated kids cable channel - next week.


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