Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Lied

The day after I wrote my post last week, NBC pushed back the premiere of It's Worth What back a week. The show, hosted by Cedric The Entertainer, will premiere on July 19.

Moving to some Nickelodeon news, I had always assumed Family Brain Surge was a Fall 2011 premiere - I was wrong. The show will premiere on July 18, and yes, Jeff Sutphen is still the host. It's also come out that TeenNick (yes, there is such a channel) will launch a late night block of old Nickelodeon shows on July 26 (well, the night of July 25). Double Dare, GUTS and Legends Of The Hidden Temple are specifially mentioned. The name of said block? The 90s Are All That. I grew up watching All That and I still think that's a terrible name.

Finally, we come to what may just be me jumping to conclusions, but BBC Radio 4 has announced that they will be doing some reorganizing of their schedule beginning November 7, and the Monday afternoon game show slot (which contains such long-running shows as Brain Of Britain, Round Britain Quiz, Counterpoint, and Quote Unquote) may be lost in the shuffle. Quote Unquote is currently filling the slot; its season will end on August 8. I'll have a little more information about this on August 4, as I'll be able to find the name of the next show in rotation on July 29.

That should do it for now. Next week - Family Brain Surge and It's Worth What!


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