Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Lied Again

"Finally, we come to what may just be me jumping to conclusions, but BBC Radio 4 has announced that they will be doing some reorganizing of their schedule beginning November 7, and the Monday afternoon game show slot (which contains such long-running shows as Brain Of Britain, Round Britain Quiz, Counterpoint, and Quote Unquote) may be lost in the shuffle. Quote Unquote is currently filling the slot; its season will end on August 8. I'll have a little more information about this on August 4, as I'll be able to find the name of the next show in rotation on July 29." - From my July 14 post.

Well, the BBC released its weekly program information a day early, meaning I can tell you today that Round Britain Quiz will start a new season on August 15 in the Monday afternoon game show slot on BBC Radio 4. Seasons of Round Britain Quiz last twelve episodes, meaning the last episode in the 2011 season will be on October 31 - and there might not be a Monday afternoon game show slot a week later.

Also in British game shows, Countdown host Jeff Stelling has announced that he is renegotiating his contract with Channel 4 and will likely stay on the show into 2012, despite the announcement that he is leaving.

Moving back to America, an episode of The Price Is Right has been taped featuring Larry Emdur (host of several versions of The Price Is Right in Australia) cohosting with Drew Carey. We don't even know when this will air, and already people are shouting "Yes! Yes! He might be under consideration to replace Drew!" I suppose anything's possible...

Finally, this is just barely game show related, but Mill Creek Entertainment has announced that they will be releasing a complete series DVD set of Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego? on February 14, 2012. The set will be four discs containing all four seasons and forty episodes. Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego? was the cartoon on Fox, not the game show on PBS...but if we all buy it, we'll be one step closer to having the game show back...

Look, I grew up watching Carmen Sandiego, OK?


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