Thursday, August 19, 2010

Calm Before The Storm

The good news: I should have at least more of, and hopefully all of, the start dates next week.

The bad news: I don't have anything to write about this week.

A few bits and pieces of news:
  • It's completely official: As The World Turns will be replaced by a The View-type talk show with the horrific title of The Talk. It premieres October 18. As the last episode of As The World Turns is September 17, this does raise the question of what CBS will show for four weeks...but I seriously doubt it will be anything exciting.
  • The new host of The Newlywed Game has been named as Sherri Shepherd (is The View that popular?) The new season debuts November 1 on Game Show Network.
  • Game Show Network has announced they will be reviving the short-lived primetime show 1 vs. 100. That's all they've announced. Frankly, the last thing I want is a heavily scaled down 1 vs. 100, but that's what we're getting.
  • BBC Radio 4 will broadcast a one-hour version of the memorial performance to longtime ISIHAC host Humphrey Lyttelton on August 30.

That might be it at the moment. I really hope I can find the rest of the start dates.


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