Thursday, March 11, 2010

No Real News This Week...

Here's a few bits and pieces:
  • Jack Dee will again be the host of the upcoming Series 53 of I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue. That's no surprise, but the BBC still hasn't outright said that he's the new permanent host, and until they do, I have to keep recapping the show. Just A Minute is currently filling this time slot; The Unbelievable Truth starts its season on March 29 and The Museum Of Curiosity on May 10. By my estimate, ISIHAC will return on June 21.
  • The episode of High School Quiz Show I saw will air on April 5. The show premieres March 22.
  • Also on March 22, and continuing for a whole week, Monty Hall will be co-hosting Let's Make A Deal with Wayne Brady.

That's about it. I guess March 22 is going to be a big day. I'll be back next week with a review of the new show Minute To Win It, which premieres March 14.


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