Friday, November 1, 2013

I Don't Really Know If I Believe A Word Of It...

...but the current piece of news is that a new five-day-a-week syndicated show will premiere in September 2014: Celebrity Name Game, with host Craig Ferguson. Admittedly, the fact that a host is already attached means this one could actually happen, but still, new shows are announced all the time that end up never happening. There's a reason I never brought up the revival of Name That Tune...or the revival of Treasure Hunt...or the revival of Truth Or Consequences...or the American version of Bullseye (a British game show that has nothing to do with the show Jim Lange hosted)...

Moving to shows that are already on five days a week, The Price Is Right will be doing a week-long celebration of Bob Barker's ninetieth birthday from December 9-13, with Bob showing up at least once in the five shows. Should be worth a look.

Next week: Japanizi!


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