Thursday, December 1, 2011

Big Deal

There honestly isn't much to say about the History Channel's new show Real Deal.

A participant ("contestant" somehow seems like the wrong word here) bring their antiques and collectible items to one of the show's four dealers. The dealer makes an offer and tries to buy the participant's item for as little money as possible. The participant has the option of taking the dealer's guaranteed offer or putting the item up for auction at the same auction house in Los Angeles, where it could be sold for more or less money. Repeat three times, with each dealer looking at one participant, and that's it for a half-hour episode. The auctioneer is Bryan Knox, but there's no on-camera host, just generic voiceover narration by Tyler Moore.

It's a nice little diversion that would make a decent daytime show, but there's really nothing too special here, and it just barely qualifies as a game show. The Deal Or No Deal elements I was expecting - such as, well, the phrases "Deal" and "No Deal" - are nowhere to be found.

My final verdict - and I feel terrible saying this: No Deal. I somehow get the feeling the original British show is ten times better, though.


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