Thursday, August 11, 2011

Start Dates...I Hope

Well, here's the good news - I'm putting up what I believe to be the start dates for five-day-a-week game shows in September 2011. The bad news - these are just what I believe to be the start dates, and may not be definitively accurate. Still, here goes. Yes, I'll be watching the season premieres.

September 5 (Labor Day): Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

September 12: Family Feud (now taped at the Atlanta Civic Center)

September 19: Wheel Of Fortune (with new announcer Jim Thornton)
The Price Is Right (with new announcer George Gray)
Let's Make A Deal

That's what I have, and I really hope it turns out to be right. In other September premieres, The X Factor premieres on Fox September 21. Yes, I know it's not a game show, but I'm going to review it. I unfortunately can't find more information about any of the upcoming kids game shows I mentioned in my Fall 2011 preview (well, except Family Brain Surge - it started in July!)

Finally, congratulations to Andrew Mora and Matthew Wojis for tying for third place in the Game Show Garbage Create An Induction Contest. You can read their winning entries at the official Game Show Garbage site ( Andrew wrote about a really bad team on Legends Of The Hidden Temple, while Matthew took aim at a disastrous game played on Game Show Network's supposedly disastrous enough Game Show Awards event in 2009. The second place winner comes out August 12.

I'll hopefully have better information next week.


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