Thursday, April 28, 2011

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

OK, that was a bad joke, but The News Quiz Extra premiered on April 22 on the newly rebranded BBC Radio 4 Extra. If you read my review of The Now Show Extra...yeah, it's extended in pretty much the same way, but just in case you didn't...

First things first - both The News Quiz and The News Quiz Extra air on Fridays, but if you come in expecting an extended version of that night's News Quiz, you're out of luck. The News Quiz Extra is an extended version of the previous week's News Quiz, and is not available as a podcast (the unextended News Quiz is). Second - the extended material is completely seperate from the show that aired on BBC Radio 4. We get the half hour main show (complete with credits), then Sandi Toksvig comes back on and introduces fifteen minutes of extra material. If you listened to The Now Show Extra, you know pretty much what you're getting - clips from past shows, material from the taping that didn't make the final unextended show, backstage interviews (and like The Now Show Extra, The News Quiz Extra even has its own separate credits). The end. Nothing earth-shattering, but as a big fan of The News Quiz, I'm not complaining about getting more of it.

I am complaining about one thing, however - in case you're from another planet, tomorrow (April 29) is the royal wedding, and if there's one thing I'm looking forward to about that, it's hearing what The News Quiz and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me have to say about it. Unfortunately, both The News Quiz and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me tape on Thursdays - meaning when they tape this weekend's show, the royal wedding won't have happened yet!

Guess I'll have to wait...


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