Thursday, January 13, 2011

All The Game Show News That Isn't

Where to begin?
  • Cash Cab reruns are now finally running on local stations, and they may soon be joined by Game Show Network's Baggage, which is getting a test syndication run in ten markets from January 10 to March 4.
  • Improv-A-Ganza will premiere on Game Show Network on March 28, and ousted The Price Is Right announcer Rich Fields will be reunited with Drew Carey as announcer.
  • BBC Radio 4 will premiere the new game show It's Your Round on February 17, with host Angus Deayton.
  • Wheel Of Fortune is holding a "Vanna For A Day" contest. The cynic in me says that this is part of some master plan by Sony to phase out Pat Sajak and Vanna White, but I'll tell the cynic in me to be quiet.
  • Add another show to the list of long-running shows looking for new announcers - Jim Packard is retiring as announcer of Public Radio International's Whad'ya Know?, which Michael Feldman has hosted since 1985. This happens to be the only game show I've ever been a contestant on...OK, a phone-in contestant, but that's the closest I'll probably ever come. Among the guest announcers will be an eight-year-old girl named Isabella Dippel who won a "Being Jim Packard" contest. Seriously.
That might do it at the moment. I should also let you know that I have finally tracked down an episode of CBBC's The Slammer, and will write about it next week...along with a certain other talent show...


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